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by Matthew E. Kaiser
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Totems of the Dead Players Guide by Matthew E. Kaiser
Matthew E. Kaiser
Cubicle 7 Entertainment
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Know, brave wanderers, that we live in the dawn of a terrible new age. Our great-grandfathers speak of an age undreamed of, a shining time of plenty, when the wilderness was not so wild to us and the earth was our mother who provided all things. That was before drought and famine set each tribe at the throats of its rivals. Before the sorcerer-slavers came across the salt-foamed sea from Atlantis and stole a generation of our people, or the Sea Wolves turned the coast into a red tide of blood and slaughter. Before the Shenites and Skadians came with their new gods and strange ways, and before we knew the fear of Ruskar war parties. More ominous still are the dark storm clouds gathering on spiritual horizons. The spirits were once our guides and allies, but now, with the coming of the mists, terrible beasts that have no place in a sane world stalk through the otherworldly vapors. Our future is pregnant with dangers unimagined. Stay awhile and sit by the warmth of the fire, for it is a wise youth who will listen to what an aging warrior has lived to know. - Unknown Elder Before you lies a savage new world of sword and sorcery like no other! A terrible new age has dawned upon the Untamed Lands. The shining age of the ancestors is crumbling beneath a rising tide of blood and slaughter. Here lie the civilizations of the Untamed Lands, warring with their neighbors just to survive as their crops and game dwindle. The Skadians with their dragon-prowed ships, the Shenese with their wealth of silk and steel, the Maztlani with their obsidian edged blades and the Tribal Confederacies with the unbreakable strength of many arrows. Ruskar invaders stain the snow crimson while Atlantean war parties ravage the eastern shores. Meanwhile the serpent folk lie coiled to strike the warring human nations. Hither lies a land in need of heroes. Gird yourself for adventure and harden your heart against nameless things lurking in shadow. Explore the cliff-side ruins of the ancient Stone Shapers and seek treasures in the abandoned monuments of the Mound Raisers. Face off against vile sorcerers, simian sasquatch, the impervious Uktena serpent and ravenous wendigo or beat back elder horrors reawakened from ages long past. Live, love, slay and celebrate each victory as though it may be your last. In this the Players Guide to the Untamed Lands, you will find a wealth of information including: " A plethora of human cultures for you to play " New weapons and equipment! " New edges including Legendary edges! " A magic system fitting for the sword and sorcery genre " New arcane backgrounds such as the blood mage and rune caster " New setting rules

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