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by Marcus P. Meleton Jr.
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Liberal Man: Final Mission by Marcus P. Meleton Jr.
Marcus P. Meleton Jr.
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STEP ASIDE SUPERHEROS! - No one is more politically correct! No one has the power of his compassion. No one's heart bleeds more profusely.

It's Liberal Man. Faster than the average white, European male. More powerful than a tax-package locomotive in a Democrat controlled Congress. Able to leap tall buildings when requested by whiny special interest groups. His motto -- "I fight truth and justice everywhere for the Democrat way."

LIBERAL MAN is the ultimate spoof on liberalism. Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel is great! But to get the EARLY history of Hillary Clinton, in a ground breaking political Graphic Novel, this is the book for you. Hillary Clinton is featured and you see the beginnings of why the book, Clinton Cash, is resulting today from allowing the Clintons continued access to power. Crooked Hillary was crooked then because it was in the DNA. The book contains "best of" stories from the nationally acclaimed 10-episode comic series with a brand new mission in which Liberal Man is launched towards his death to save the President's legacy.

Includes 8 full color pin-up pages.

Ground breaking in its analysis of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Political Correctness, War on Women, and Mainstream Media MSM. Written at the end of the Clinton Administration, this not only predicts the rise of Hillary Clinton for president but reminds you of what to expect with a Hillary Presidency. Includes caricatures of James Carville, Jesse Jackson, Dan Rather, and many others. Primary Characters. LIBERAL MAN -- A super hero who's main kryptonite weakness is the fact that he was born Male, Heterosexual, and White. Everything he hates most, except that he is not Christian, which is a plus. He believes in every religion EXCEPT Christianity, which is an abomination because its influence is what made this nation and our constitution the scourge of the new world order. This Dudly-do-Left character wears his bleeding heart, literally, on his left sleeve. When he fails, and he does so often it is the blame of Right Wing Extremists, even if they were not around. When he succeeds the results are disastrous but that is because, like communism, no one has done it quite right. MEDIA MAN: Media Man carries the weight for the Liberal Avengers. When Liberal Man has a disastrous failure, Media Man will make it look like a total victory in the press. SIDE KICK: There is no Side Kick! That is demeaning. It is EQUAL Kick. And don't forget it or you will lose your bakery. 60's MAN: The comic relief for a most important business and a favorite of most readers. 60's Man was locked in a vault of pot for 30 years. He smoked Marijuana, ate Marijuana brownies, slept on a bed of spent joints until he was discovered by Liberal Man. If only he had the attention span to attempt a breakout, he could have been out after the first 5 minutes of incarceration. What is his Super Power? He exudes THC from every pore and he sucks the initiative out of everyone around him. Toss him in the congressional chambers and nothing gets done. That explains a lot.

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